Crazy Love - chapter 8

In this chapter, Francis Chan describes some of the characteristics of people who are obsessed with God. "The obsessed," as he calls them, love God, and thus genuinely love their neighbours, even those neighbors that harm them. They are obsessed with the kingdom of God, so they don't care about their comforts here in this temporary dwelling. This means "the obsessed" choose joy and cultivate it. They are content with what they have been given.

The descriptions in this chapter were so convicting for me. I am not a risk-taker. Anyone who has known me for even a short while would attest to that. I like to be comfortable, to have my future set out, and to be safe. This was especially coming to surface last night as I was looking through apartment options for next year. I found myself getting obsessed with the "criminal activity" around all the prospective apartments. Yes, safety is important, but as Francis Chan says in this chapter, we shouldn't make it our top priority. How would my decision look if I prayed that God be glorified even in my housing situation? What if instead of spending all my time looking at maps provided by the county police, I prayed and considered how I could tangibly love God and others through this decision?

I was convicted to pray over so many areas of my life while reading through this chapter, and I believe all of you were convicted as well. So, was there a particular characteristic of "the obsessed" that stood out to you? What were your thoughts as you read through the descriptions?

- written by Na Young

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