Crazy Love - chapter 9

Great title. My thoughts exactly when I went through this book for the first time.
Who really lives that way?

Probably just crazy people who got extra doses of the Spirit for whatever reason.

I have since learned these last few years...there ARE real people amongst us who do live like that. And they are crazy all right!
Crazy in love with the one who crazily loves them.

I find these little snapshot bios very inspiring...because it reminds us that such a sold-out life for Jesus is totally attainable. No matter what your background, character, and giftings... God can use you magnificently, for His glory...if you let Him.

Do you care to be one of the "faithful few" who are commended by Jesus for following Him wholeheartedly?

The cost is not small, right? Most of the choices you'll have to make (or have made, if you're already on this path) will bring pain, hardship, maybe ridicule and suffering. Maybe little things like saying no to a late-night movie so you can wake up early enough to spend time with Him before heading out the door. Maybe big things like declining a lucrative job offer so you can work a less demanding job and use those extra hours to build relationships with your neighbours. Or using your savings money to adopt a child. Or choosing to live in an undesirable neighbourhood.

In a few decades, I really, really hope we can all email/facebook/whatever-it-will-be-by-that-time each other and see one another's lives as little bios that can go into this chapter!

Do you know anyone whose life might fit in with the other stories in this chapter?
What do you want your bio to say?

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  1. Carmen, thank you so much for your post :)

    Your question "Do you care to be one of the "faithful few" who are commended by Jesus for following Him wholeheartedly?" is such a challenging question for me at the moment. I think before, I would have just said "yes, of course!" But these days, God has been challenging me to look into my heart and my life and to really ask that question. Do I really want that? Do I really want that more than anything else that this world values? My answer is still yes, but I'm challenged with the thought that I need to do something about it then.

    I don't know if I know anyone personally that fits in with the other stories in this chapter... and I don't know what I want my bio to say yet... but I'm sure God will show me as I obey Him step by step :)