the Vision

this song came over the speakers as i was getting this page set up, and it suddenly hit home how well the lyrics fit with our theme of discovering God for who He really is, not just who we think He is.
plus, Matt 7, which we talked about last Friday, is even featured (the Bible pasage...not the artist).

take a listen to this acoustic goodness and buy the whole CD to support AMP if you like this one. because all their songs are this good (or better)! Bernie, you can back me up on that, yeah? :)

swimming in crazy loooove

so our first collaborative effort at getting our noses into some rich God-oriented lit will be "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. many of you have probably heard of this book, and some have even read it already! if this is your second time through, hopefully you'll have even more insights to share. :) for those who have not heard of this title, click here for a solid review.

and for a model of how an "online book club" can be run, see this example.
we don't have to follow it exactly, of course. perhaps we can take turns writing weekly posts about each chapter (and they don't have to be essay-length reflections!). and then the rest of us can interact through the comments section.

hope you can join us as we walk through this book together & give this format a try.

below is a short video put out by the author to introduce his work.