Crazy Love - chapter 7

In a world (country) that bombards you with the message that you should live your best life now, it is so very easy & "convenient" to forget that Christ calls us to a radically different way of living, of making choices, of investing.

I love how this chapter forced me to get into the nitty-gritty of how I live out what I claim to believe ... it's not hard to do a quick assessment of where my time, money, energy, thoughts are going every day. And that reveals so much about where my heart is.

I am also encouraged that, although my heart has many rotten spots, I am not left to rot. God is slicing away those rot spots. Alongside conviction comes the promise that God Himself will help (is helping) His children make increasingly wiser choices as we grow in maturity. I am encouraged as I consider the "giants of the faith" in Hebrews and realize that they were real people with real lives and real struggles - just like you and me, although they passed from this world a little while before we came on the scene. And they were guided to become strong men and women of faith by a real God, who has not passed from this world.

Every time I have surrendered something (an area of my life, a relationship, a decision...) to this living God, He gives back more than I gave away (which is really very little, each time). Without fail. Yet at times, I still find myself foolishly struggling to give more the next time I have the opportunity to do so. Must ask for help continually to hold things more loosely...

One question for this chapter -- What are you doing right now that requires faith?

Lord, teach us to spend this life on things that honour You.

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