Crazy Love - chapter 2

I like how this chapter comes right after the one about God's awesome & eternal otherness. From that, we turn to the brevity & mortality of ourselves, and get a sense of how small we are in comparison to Him. Not in a degrading "you are worth nothing" sense, but in an enlightening "wow, i am not actually the center of the universe" sense.

As we move onto the next chunk of James in our peacemaking series (!), how clearly these themes are beginning to echo all around us!

On the average day, we live caught up in ourselves. That is just so, SO true...sadly. All the suggestions in the chapter 1 post are great ways to get beyond this; to remember to stop belly-button-gazing and keep our eyes looking outwards.

Anxiety. Worry. Stress.
Many of us are so defined by these words. Have you ever considered that these "emotions" are direct violations of a command from God? I think we push these words around so much that it is almost expected that we are experiencing one or all of these at any given moment. Next time, instead of simply asking God to help your _______ (presentation, assignment, meeting, exam...) go well, maybe we can try asking instead for a deeper understanding of His sovereignty/power/love/holiness...and for His peace to wash out those fears.

mini-revelation/reminder while reading this chapter --
My life is not mine, but God's.

Doesn't that go against so much that is ingrained in us? It's my time, I do what I want, no one can or should tell me otherwise.

"Why are we so quick to forget about God? who do we think we are?"

Like the Jesus Storybook Bible (^^) so wonderfully illustrates...it's all about Christ. Not Moses! Not Isaiah! Not Paul! Not me! Not you!

What is your "2/5ths of a second" going to be about? making much of God? or yourself?

How can you bring glory to God while eating a sandwich during lunch break or studying at 12:04am?

Are you ready to die well?

Death has circled around me peripherally a lot this past week. 3 of my good friends had good friends suddenly taken away (climbing accident, illness, and one unknown cause but his body was found in the Mississippi River). All were in their 20s.

Death was not meant to be... but here it is, in this broken world, and it is an alarm clock to us who are still living.

Discussion Qs:
  • Those who do not believe in God also sense that it's important to live every day to the fullest. How does the Bible's teaching about this differ from the popular sayings, "Follow your dreams! Be all that you want to be; after all, you only live once."
  • Can you think of anyone you know personally who lives as if each day is his/her last? What is this person’s effect on people around him/her? Does this person stand out because of his/her lifestyle?


  1. Jenny Lee (Mexico)3/12/2011 6:37 PM

    In reply to the first question, I think this chapter really emphasizes that those raised up in Christ, die to their selves. It is so easy to get sucked into our own conceptions of "happiness" and "fulfillment" and even as Christ followers, how easy it is to convince ourselves that we are "doing God's will" when we are merely satisfying what WE want to do or to go.

  2. Jonathan Kang3/13/2011 3:58 PM

    Reading the story about 14-year-old Brooke makes me realize how wrongly I continue to live my life. I think I define myself by how society would label me--someone inadequate to be heard because I'm not a man of stature or wealth. I tell myself that I can make a bigger impact for God's kingdom once I've achieved a successful career and respect from secular society, but here, Chan shows that even a young teenage girl who declared her life for God can bring many people to Christ.
    I live life as though it is long and I still have time, but Chan is so right that I could die at any moment, and I would be really ashamed to show God what I have done with my life thus far.
    I agree with Jenny's statement. Especially for Christians who've grown up in church, our lives may not actually appear that different from the life that Jesus lived: we are inherently good, law-abiding, generous people. But what God requires is ALL of me, and that's a concept so hard to grasp completely.

  3. I totally agree with Jon... I always thought that once I graduate from med school (and actually know what I'm doing haha) and can make some money, THEN I could REALLY make an impact for God's kingdom. But it is so true... Our life, our time on Earth is so SHORT, so FLEETING. We are but vapors... I hate to think of how much I allow the stress and worry of this world take up my time and my energy. Like Chan says, "Both worry and stress reek of arrogance." Dang. I never saw it that way but his insight is so TRUE!!

    What really helps me these days is to really reflect on the fact that I don't know how much longer I have on this Earth. Will I make each day, each minute count?? How will I reflect God's love that He has shown me to others?

    "The point of your life is to point to Him." AMEN!!!!